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Quality and safety

In response to the Covid-19 healthcare emergency affecting the entire world, along with a rise in demand for healthcare devices in efforts to contain the virus, Invent, a leading company in the renewable energies industry, as well as the on the electric power and gas market gas, has stepped into the realm of biomedics, leveraging all its technology and professionalism, right by the side of Italian citizens.


The conversion


The Veneto-based company has converted its site located in Noventa di Piave into a mask  production centre, placing its technology at the service of the biomedical industry. Specifically, the new Invent Biomedical production centre will have a capacity of approximately 10 million items per month, when fully operational.

The Aim


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, protective masks have become rare, fast. The healthcare crisis has led to the closure of borders and halted exports of major producers; this problem is of increasing concern, especially for those working in the healthcare sector.

The aim of the company was to perfect the HMASK product range,  high quality  instruments which can help to protect against and limit the spread of Covid-19.

We care for you

The company is also concerned about the large number of people looking for a new job as a result of this crisis. The expected employment boost is important and will double the number of company staff.

We listen to you

Invent Biomedical is attentive to its customers and is always ready to listen. We are ready to process your order requests at any time.

Our quality

Production is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3 shifts per day. Materials are meticulously selected to always provide the utmost quality.

Committed to the environment

Invent has always been a company sensitive to environmental issues: its cardinal points are quality, sustainability and eco-compatibility. This is why we make washable and reusable masks.



Invent was founded in 2006 as a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules for installers and immediately won numerous awards. Over the years the company has expanded, developing air conditioning, heating and home security solutions.

In 2015 the company entered the electric power and gas market with the launch of its very own Top-Up systemInvent’s latest innovation is photovoltaic module design. Its current site in Noventa di Piace (VE) is home to the company’s production plant as well as its administrative and sales offices.