Masks of the future

Research and development are key factors of Invent’s continuous growth, thanks to numerous innovative solutions it has generated and introduced in all areas of business it is active in.

Each H-MASK Invent Biomedical patent is underpinned by extensive research: into new materials, new technological solutions, new manufacturing approaches. Research continues with different tests performed on each mask to ensure the fulfilment of all statutory specifics and customer requirements.

Our R&D Laboratory is a complex and technologically advanced facility where technology is leveraged to guarantee the utmost level of competence and competitiveness, ensuring continuous improvements of performance levels across all products.

An example can be seen in the innovative study into a special mask with an inner copper lining, which provides added protection thanks to its antibacterial properties, thus improving the quality of inhaled air.


100% GREEN

Invent has always been a company sensitive to environmental issues: its cardinal points are quality, sustainability and eco-compatibility. For a number of years it has operated on the renewable energies market and now, in this new industry, we are still committed to continuous research into innovative solutions in order to progressively reduce plastic waste which is harmful for the environment.

This is why Invent has decided to create masks that are washable and can be reused several times.



Invent was founded in 2006 as a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules for installers and immediately won numerous awards. Over the years the company has expanded, developing air conditioning, heating and home security solutions.

In 2015 the company entered the electric power and gas market with the launch of its very own Top-Up systemInvent’s latest innovation is photovoltaic module design. Its current site in Noventa di Piace (VE) is home to the company’s production plant as well as its administrative and sales offices.